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            Long, long years ago in the Highlands of Scotland lived a man by the name of Thomas Shaw, who married Margaret Wilson, and they had a daughter, Katherine Shaw, who married a man by the name of Robert Scott.  They had a daughter, Margaret Scott, who married a man by the name of Alexander McCausland; and they had a daughter, Katherine McCausland, who married a man by the name of John Morrison.  And they had a daughter, Margaret Morrison, who is my mother.

            John Morrison married Frances Hamilton, and they had a son, John Morrison, who married Katherine McCausland.  Now I will give you my grandmother’s record of the births of all her eleven children.  And it is very odd, as she had four pairs of twins; and they came every way that they could come:  first, boys; then a boy and a girl; then a girl and a boy; then girls.  Mother would laugh and tell us this, as it was so odd.

            Family record of John Morrison who married Katherine McCausland about the year 1799 or 1800.
            Born to John Morrison and wife--
                     1800                                 Twin boys who lived but a few days
                     1802    Dec. 23               Twins, Hamilton and Margaret
                     1805    Dec. 22               Twins, Ann and Alexander
                     1809    Jan. 15                Frances Hamilton

            On August 5, 1809, the father, John Morrison, died.

On February 1, 1813, Katherine Morrison was remarried to William Hicks.  The following are her children by the name of Hicks.
                     1814    Jan. 2                  Elizabeth Hicks
                     1815    Feb. 3                 Twins, Katherine and Jane Hicks
                     1818    Feb. 5                 Robert Hazlett Hicks

            Mother had relatives by name of McCracken, McFarland, Hamilton, Gordon and Mills; all of whom she visited since I can remember.  She went to Philadelphia during the Civil War and visited a cousin by name of John Mills.  He had a fine home and business house there, and a married son, William Mills, who had three well educated and fine looking daughters, Sallie, Lizzie and Katherine.  I wrote to these for several years for mother, but after mother died we quit writing and we never hear from them now.  Mother lived with her mother’s sister by name of McFarland while she was in Philadelphia.  She came over the ocean with them when she was sixteen years old, from County Tyrone, Ireland; where she was born; but her parents were born in Scotland.

            Mother visited of her cousins by name of McFarland near Hamden Junction, Ohio, on September 20, 1871.  And I heard her say to George McFarland, on the platform of the depot (where he came from his farm with a buggy to meet her), “Fifty-one years ago today we landed in the city of Philadelphia together.”  Then our team pulled out.  Sister Matilda and I went on to Baxter Springs, Kansas to visit our sister, Eliza F. Hibbard, whose son, Martyn S., was very sick.  He sat in one of our laps for over three weeks, and he was so thin and pale, and could not lie in bed during the day.  I told him little stories that he still remembered when I last saw him on the 5h of March, 1908.

            George McFarland had a sister, Margaret Hemphill, who lived near him there, and mother visited her also at this time.  The summer before this she had spent one month very pleasantly at our old home with mother and she had spent one month very pleasantly at our old home with mother and all of us.  She had a sister by name of Jane Gordon, who lived near Teveolta, West Virginia, and my brother, William, who lived near her and her family or three times.  She had a large family, and he thought them very good and thrifty people.  One daughter, Bettie, was school teacher, and so pretty and full of fun hat she cheered all at their home greatly.  I never saw any of them but have wanted to see them ever since William told me of them.

            I must come to the marriage of our parents and give you their correct family record, kept by my father.  You will observe by dates that he was about then years older than mother.
            James Smith, born April 5, 1792
            Margaret Morrison Smith, born Dec. 23, 1802
            There first children were born in Philadelphia, all the others in Columbiana County, Ohio, till Margaret; and she and all we younger ones in dear old Washington County, Ohio.  This s a correct record of all our births and marriages.
                     Ann June Smith                                                 April 23, 1824
                     William Castles                                                Sept. 17, 1825
                     Priscilla                                                               April 13, 1827
                     Alexander Franklin                                            Aug. 16, 1829
                     John Morrison                                                       May 9, 1831
                     Eliza                                                                    May 11, 1833
                     James Hamilton                                                    July 5, 1835
                     Matilda and Lucinda (Twins)                            Dec. 17, 1842
                     Frances Eleanora                                              April 11, 1846

                     William C. Smith and Phoebe Lee                    May 15, 1851
                     Eliza Smith and Henry M. Hibbard                   June 15, 1857
                     John M. Smith and Jane D. Creesy                  April 15, 1851
                     Alexander F. Smith and Deborah McGirr         Oct. 28, 1865
                     Priscilla Smith an Benoni H. Dawson              April 18, 1868
                     Joseph A. Smith and Susan M. DeLagrange    Nov. 2, 1871
                     John M. Smith (re-wed) and Mary J. Evans     Aug. 14, 1873
                     Matilda Smith and Wilson M burke                     Feb. 3, 1874
                     Lucinda Smith and Phillip W. Roe                     Oct. 17, 1876
                     Frances E. Smith and Charles Payne                April 3, 1879
                     Margaret R. Smith and William E. McGee          May 9, 1883

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